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Dec 01
5 Best Halal Mexican Eateries In Sydney

Sydney's culinary landscape is as diverse as its population, and for those seeking a…

Feb 17
Is Wahlburgers in Sydney Halal?

Mark Wahlberg’s First Australian Burger Restaurant, Wahlburgers, Opened in Sydney…

Sep 16
Is Five Guys in Penrith NSW Halal?

Five Guys are set to launch its first Australian outlet in Penrith on Monday 20th…

Aug 09
Is Nando’s Halal in Australia?

Salams! Nando’s is not a Halal brand and their company does not pay any fees for…

Feb 18
Halal KFC in Sydney

The KFC stores listed below have a number of products which are certified Halal and…

Feb 04
Halal McDonald’s In Melbourne, VIC

Please keep in mind, we are focusing on the Halal McDonald's restaurants located in…

Oct 16
Halal Hungry Jack’s In Melbourne

Selected Hungry Jack’s in VIC serve a limited Halal certified menu. All Halal…

Oct 10
Halal Food at Parramatta Lanes 2019

Find Halal Food at this years Parramatta Lanes event.

Jul 15
Best Halal Pizza in Sydney

Melbourne may pride themselves on their Italian heritage, but whatever type of pizza…

Jul 12
Best Halal Burgers in Sydney | Halal Advisor

Once upon a time Sydney didn't have a burger scene, and now it's the place to be if…