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Jahan K
Jahan KAndroid
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"Wonderful! A clever app designed for a great purpose. Very happy to have this app."
Frank O
Frank OiOS
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"Salaams! Very good and useful app for the Muslim community, MashAllah now almost anywhere we are we have options right infront of us."
Dawood H
Dawood HAndroid
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"This app is great, I can't tell you how much easier it is to identify halal options around me now. Highly recommend."
Adam M
Adam MiOS
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"This app is really good with location tracking and with the restuarant listed. Had a good experience with Halal Advisor hope they continue on a good note. Thumbs up."
Omar M
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"Halal Advisor makes it easy to know if a venue is Halal instead of debating all the time."

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Sydney is home to some of the best Sushi in the country. But when it comes to halal-friendly Sushi, there can be a bit of a confusion. That’s why we’ve …

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