Halal Advisor

About Halal Advisor.

Halal Advisor’s is on a mission to transform the way we search, find, and eat halal food in Australia. 

We want to make discovering and finding great Halal food near you easy, and convenient.

Halal Advisor has teamed up with thousands of Halal restaurants in Sydney & around Australia to provide endless eating options and cuisines. Halal Advisor will help you discover the best places to eat, ones you did not even know served halal options. But Halal Advisor’s mission doesn’t stop there! we go the extra mile to make sure that restaurants and cafes go through a qualifying stage to make sure the venue is properly certified and or are aware of cross-contamination practices.

There are so many amazing halal restaurants throughout Australia that we believe everyone should know about.  We passionate about food and bringing people a variety of choices. We are constantly developing and innovating our platform because we want to make finding Halal food easy. It’s that simple. Whether you want a pad Thai for dinner, a pesto salad for lunch, or freshly scrambled eggs for breakfast – we’ve got you covered.

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