Is Nando’s Halal in Australia?

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Is Nando's Halal in Australia?


Nando’s is not a Halal brand and their company does not pay any fees for Halal certification. However, Nando’s chicken suppliers all carry Halal certification in order to meet the needs of their broad customer base and export market.

Some of  of their franchised restaurants in Australia have obtained individual restaurant Halal certification which is why the restaurants listed below DO NOT SELL BACON.

The following Halal certified Nando’s in NSW are:

  • Bankstown, NSW

The following Halal certified Nando’s in VIC are:

  • Broadmeadows, VIC

However, Nando’s kitchens use two distinct cooking surfaces within their restaurants to cook chicken on:

  1. The open flame grill, commonly seen at the front of the store: and
  2. A flat top grill, usually housed in the back of the restaurant area.

Bacon is only cooked on the flat top grill at the back of the restaurant, therefore, any chicken on the bone products (including quarter, half or full chickens, grilled tenderloins, ribs and thigh pieces) are all cooked on the open flame grill and do not come in contact with bacon. These products are therefore all suitable to consume. In addition, Nando’s are happy to receive requests for the chicken on the burgers, wraps, pita or salads to be cooked on the open flame grill should you wish.

Halal Nando's in Australia
Halal Subway in Australia - Halal Advisor

Is Subway Halal in Australia?


Unfortunately no Subway store in Australia offers a certified Halal menu and they do not ask their suppliers to source Halal certified products. Subway Australia uses the leading national meat suppliers across Australia, the same ones that you see in major supermarkets.

Subway Australia has mentioned the following menu items are suitable for vegetarians:

  • Cookies
  • Veggies Patty
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Natural Swiss Cheese

Although it has been confirmed as of July 2020 that the Subway store in Roxburgh Park VIC uses Steggles to supply their chicken and the following two items are Halal certified.




Keep in mind, all Subway locations across Australia offer a range of Pork items on their menu and cross-contamination serves a big risk.

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