Halal Fast Food

Best Halal Pizza in Sydney

Melbourne may pride themselves on their Italian heritage, but whatever type of pizza you like, Sydney has it! Deep-dish Kebab meat pizza? Yep. Beef Pepperoni? Yep. Classic Margarita? Of course. We love them all, even Pineapple. So whether your after simple toppings or a thin base, here is where you will find Sydney’s best Halal Pizza.

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Best Halal Burgers

Best Halal Burgers in Sydney

Once upon a time Sydney didn’t have a burger scene, and now it’s the place to be if your a burger connoisseur! Burgers are everywhere, just about in every cafe, restaurant or food truck! So whether you like attention seeking ingredients, or a classic American, here’s where you will find Sydney’s best and of course, 100% Halal burgers.

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Halal Advisor

Halal McDonald’s In Sydney

McDonald’s Australia Salams! Please keep in mind, we are focusing on the restaurants located in Australia. Other countries have their own rules and laws regarding

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