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5 Ways To Tell if a Restaurant is Truly Halal


For us Muslims, eating in only Halal restaurants is of utmost importance. Halal restaurants serve food permissible according to Islamic law, meaning it has been prepared according to Islamic guidelines. Eating only in Halal restaurants ensures that the food is not only permissible to eat but also that it is of the highest quality and safe to consume. Eating in Halal restaurants also allows us to connect with our faith and share our culture with others.

Beware of Restaurants That Claim to be Halal

Some people look at a restaurant advertised as Halal and call it a day. Sadly, there are instances when a restaurant that claims to be Halal is not Halal. Sometimes, a restaurant is not properly certified or not following the rules of Halal preparation.

If a restaurant advertises as Halal, it is essential to ensure that it is certified and follows the rules of Halal preparation. This includes using only Halal ingredients, separating Halal and non-Halal items, keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic, and adequately storing Halal meat. The food will not be considered Halal if these requirements are not met.

Therefore, it’s essential to check the certification of a restaurant before eating there and to ensure that the restaurant follows the rules of Halal preparation. Here are five ways that you can tell if a restaurant is genuinely Halal.

1. Look for a Certification from a Halal-Certifying Organisation

If you’re looking for delicious, Halal-certified food, your best bet is to look for restaurants certified by a Halal-certifying organisation. Halal certification ensures the food served is prepared following Islamic dietary laws and is free of pork, alcohol, and other non-Halal ingredients. The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc. (AFIC) is one such organisation that provides Halal certification to restaurants in Australia.

2. Ask about the Ingredients

When you ask the restaurant about the ingredients they use, inquire about any non-Halal
ingredients used in their food. This includes pork, alcohol, and other non-Halal items. While some restaurants may not use these ingredients in their food, it’s essential to ensure that you’re aware of what’s in the food you’re eating.

3. Ask about the Kitchen

The most critical part of Halal preparation is keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic. This means that all surfaces and equipment should be kept clean and sanitised to prevent cross-contamination between Halal and non-Halal items. Additionally, the kitchen should be well-ventilated, and all utensils should be thoroughly washed and dried before use.

It is also critical to ensure that the kitchen appropriately separates Halal and non-Halal items. This includes having separate areas for preparing and storing Halal and non-Halal food and ensuring that all utensils and equipment used for Halal food are not used for non-Halal food.

4. Ask about the Meat

When it comes to Halal meat, it must be slaughtered in a specific manner and stored appropriately to stay Halal. First, ask the restaurant what type of meat they use to ensure it is Halal, such as beef, chicken, lamb, or fish, and that it is slaughtered following Islamic law.

Next, it is essential to ask how the meat is stored. Halal meat must be stored in a separate area from non-Halal meat, and it must be stored in a way that prevents cross-contamination.

5. Ask about the Staff

Ask about the restaurant staff, and ensure they are knowledgeable about Halal preparation and committed to serving Halal food.


All Muslims must ensure that the restaurants they choose to dine in are Halal. This can be done by asking the restaurant staff, looking for Halal certification, and researching the ingredients used. Awareness of any potential cross-contamination in a restaurant is also essential. By following these steps, you determine that your meals are truly Halal and eat with peace of mind.

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