Halal Food Sydney

Halal Food Sydney

In a country full of multiculturalism, it can be hard to figure out which restaurants serve Halal options

We want to make discovering and finding great Halal food near you easy, and convenient. Halal Advisor will help you discover the best places to eat, ones you didn’t even know served halal options. Halal Advisor has teamed up with thousands of Halal restaurants in Sydney &  Australia to provide endless eating options and cuisines. Our restaurants will offer you something great in return! Weekly you will receive notifications straight to your smartphone with deals and the hottest places to eat. Does that sound good? And of course, that equals to more moola back into your pocket!

Two taps and you’re there

With over 2,000 restaurants, Halal Advisor lets you discover and find amazing Halal places to eat near you in real time with a couple of taps. Find a Thai restaurant down the road or a cool little Japanese restaurant serving the buffest sushi? Get over there and chow down. Use the Halal Advisor app whenever and wherever you want; when you’re in a new Australian city, in your hometown or when you’re planning a meal out. We’ll display the best places for you to try and leave the rest up to you.

Ultimately we want to take the hassle out of your dining choices and where to eat. We’re constantly developing and innovating the app because we want to make finding Halal food easy. It’s that simple.

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