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Are Arnotts Tim Tams Halal?


There is a big surprise for many Muslims living in Australia that the popular biscuits (TimTams) are not halal.

In our contact with Arnott Australia and Unilever Australia & New Zealand, both companies confirmed to us via email that their products are not halal certified.

Arnott’s Australia [email protected] wrote, “ Arnott’s does not certify its products sold in Australia or New Zealand based on any particular religious beliefs.”

So what makes TimTams Haram (Mushbooh)?

The original Tim Tams contain cochineal, a natural dye derived from scale insects in the Sternorrhyncha suborder. Cochineal is a scale insect in the Sternorrhyncha suborder. from which the natural dye carmine is derived.

As a colorant for food and lipstick (E120 or Natural Red 4), carmine is made by extracting the carminic acid from the body and eggs of insects, then mixing it with aluminium and calcium salts.

Halal Authority Australia‘s Mohamed Elmouelhy confirmed that Arnott is not interested in Halal certification and that it proudly proclaims that its products are not halal certified.

It is stated on a Halal group on FacebookArnotts does not support Halal. Trace amounts of alcohol can still be found in the finished product. We know that alcohol is sensitive to heat, but it is possible that small amounts would still be detected.”

Each and every Muslim, individually and as a family, has an obligation to make sure the product they purchase is Halal, read the ingredients and learn what is not halal in order to avoid non-halal or doubtful products.

Many halal certification authorities provide valuable resources for the Muslim community in Australia, and everyone should utilize these resources.

You can contact Arnott’s Australia with the following details – 1800 888 997, NZ – 0800 900 028 or email [email protected]