Anatolia, Clemton Park Shopping Village

Anatolia, Clemton Park Shopping Village


Anatolia is dishing up some of the best Turkish Food in the Inner West!
A very traditional venue which has slipped beautifully into the modern food scene, from their vast range of Turkish dishes, to an array of imported Turkish furnishings. The incredible Turkish chandelier, the beautiful wall art, the glassware and the cushions have all been hand picked by the owner himself. It really adds a special touch when so much thought and love goes into venues such as Anatolia.

Now more about the food.. As a traditional venue you are served dates before eating the main meal with religious connotations to Ramadan (Ramazan).
For entree you can’t go wrong with their ‘Sebzeli borek’ (pastry rolls filled with capsicum, onion & cheese), a delicate thin pastry with a cheesy inside and the lovely pop of capsicum made it a favourite of mine!

The juices were the perfect accompaniment to the mains, I loved the ‘Fresh Pinky’ with watermelon, orange, strawberry and the ‘Pear Me’ with pear, apple, pineapple & mint.












For the main event I enjoyed the ‘bursa Iskender’ thinly sliced meat layered over freshly baked Anatolian bread which is covered in a specialty tomato sauce, strained yoghurt and then drizzled with a hot foaming butter. The meat was so soft and melted in the mouth, with the subtle pop of tomato and the flaky Anatloain bread underneath gave it a delicious buttery flavour.

You also cannot go wrong with their ‘Mix Shish Grill’ in which you can choose from three of their meats to be served atop freshly baked bread, with a side of dip, rice & salad. I really loved the Chicken Shish marinated in lemon, lime and garlic, and the Adana shish which is ground lamb shoulder and rib infused in southern Turkish herbs.


I’m not kidding when I say the Pide here are exceptional! The pide is super thin and crispy with perfect ratio of toppings to bread, the ‘Antep Lahmacun’ was topped with beef, onion, tomato & pepper. These Pide are made for sharing as they’re served at 19″inches, perfect for families and groups. These would have to be my favourite Pide I have tasted in the Inner West, love how fresh and clean they taste with those cheesy toppings. Did I mention they do delivery, so for anyone wanting a good feed but not bothered to dine out, you can order in!










The Turkish coffee is served espresso style with sugar to taste and a Turkish delight on the side. Along with this they have a good range of desserts to choose from, I loved the Knaffeh! Lovely light and delicate flavoured Knaffeh with that beautiful cheese flavour coming through the pastry. I also recommend the Baklava Ice-cream, flaky pastry encases a rose flavoured ice-cream, plated with fresh pistachio crumb, coconut flakes and fresh strawberries. These two desserts match perfectly together and I’d recommend ordering both to share.







In my opinion, the food here is incredible and all the pastry & breads are made in-house by the chefs, there’s a little viewing window out front where you can watch the chef stretch the dough out. You get a true feeling of culture from this venue and it sings through to the food, they have Shisha on offer as well for anyone who wants to enjoy a smoke outside by the heaters (they smell amazing).

Truly authentic dishes, good value for money with most dishes being around the $26 mark and entrees under $10. They also have set menus available for 4 or more people at $40 a head. Beautiful place to spend the night or afternoon with friends and family, very cosy venue with accommodating staff that make sure you feel right at home.

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