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Are Arnotts Tim Tams Halal?

There is a big surprise for many Muslims living in Australia that the popular biscuits (TimTams) are not halal. In our contact with Arnott Australia and Unilever Australia & New Zealand, both companies confirmed to us via email that their products are not halal certified. Arnott’s

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Broaster Chicken Blacktown

Halal Restaurants in Blacktown

Broaster Chicken Blacktown 4/8b Sunnyholt Rd Blacktown NSW 2148 Australia Blacktown Kebabs and Burgers 69 Richmond Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148 Australia Kebab Express 14/10 Sunnyholt

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Halal KFC in Sydney

The KFC stores listed below have a number of products which are certified Halal and are safe for customers to consume. Some KFC Suppliers of chicken have indicated they are Halal certified. However they cannot claim their stores can be classified as being 100% Halal

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