Best Halal Pizza in Sydney

Melbourne may pride themselves on their Italian heritage, but whatever type of pizza you like, Sydney has it! Deep-dish Kebab meat pizza?…

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Halal McDonald’s In Melbourne, VIC

Please keep in mind, we are focusing on the Halal McDonald's restaurants located in Australia. Other countries have their own rules and…

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Muslim-Friendly Halal Restaurants in Melbourne

The heart of all the hustle and bustle is the Melbourne city centre. Jump on the free City Circle tram if you've just arrived for a tour of…

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Halal KFC in Sydney

The KFC stores listed below have a number of products which are certified Halal and are safe for customers to consume. Some KFC Suppliers…

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Best Halal Burgers in Sydney

Once upon a time Sydney didn't have a burger scene, and now it's the place to be if your a burger connoisseur! Burgers are everywhere, just…

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Halal Food at Parramatta Lanes 2019

Find Halal Food at this years Parramatta Lanes event.

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Top 5 Best Halal Breakfast in Sydney

Everyone loves a big Halal breakfast! The smell of perfectly poached eggs, rashers of beef, smashed avo on toast and don't even get me…

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