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Is Wahlburgers in Sydney Halal?

Mark Wahlberg’s First Australian Burger Restaurant, Wahlburgers, Opened in Sydney Today – But is it Halal? Salaams! Hollywood actor, rapper and entrepreneur Mark Wahlberg and

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Halal Restaurants Near Me | Halal Advisor

Halal Restaurants Near Me

What is Halal Advisor? Halal Advisor has teamed up with thousands of Halal restaurants in Sydney & around Australia to supply endless eating options and

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Are TimTams Halal - Halal Advisor

Are Arnotts Tim Tams Halal?

There is a big surprise for many Muslims living in Australia that the popular biscuits (TimTams) are not halal. In our contact with Arnott Australia and Unilever Australia & New Zealand, both companies confirmed to us via email that their products are not halal certified. Arnott’s

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Broaster Chicken Blacktown

Halal Restaurants in Blacktown

Broaster Chicken Blacktown 4/8b Sunnyholt Rd Blacktown NSW 2148 Australia Blacktown Kebabs and Burgers 69 Richmond Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148 Australia Kebab Express 14/10 Sunnyholt

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